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No-Contact Order Violated With Felony Spud Attack

A man is facing felony charges after allegedly violating a no-contact order against him from his neighbor, and propelling potatoes at the woman.

A woman and the man in a neighboring home in Yakima, Washington, reportedly had a tense past relationship which led to the female obtaining a no-contact order against him.

The man was disallowed from returning to his residence and forced to relocate due to the order, but still retained the ownership of his home.

On October 14, the woman was reportedly at her residence when she had an allegedly unpleasant encounter with the man.

The suspect reportedly found a way to lock the door to her home, and while she was outside, he allegedly began using foul language toward her and behaving in a manner that she deemed as harassment.

When the woman was trying to make her way to the shed on her property, the suspect allegedly began hurling potatoes in her direction. She was not reported as being struck with the spuds, but one of them was said to have impacted a beam attached to the shed.

The authorities were notified, and police dispatched to the location.

When they made it to the scene, the officers asserted that the suspect noticed their arrival and tried to conceal himself behind a fence.

The police spoke with the woman, and she gave them her account of what had transpired between herself and the suspect.

After recording the woman’s statement, the police found that the suspect had gone into his home, and they spoke with the man about the allegations.

When he was asked why he was purportedly ignoring the no-contact order, the man reportedly stated that he had been homeless after leaving his residence and was not physically well. He additionally said that he had the impression that the order had expired.

Regarding the tossed taters, the man allegedly told the police that he did not throw them, and said the woman had put them on the ground herself.

It was asserted that the man was the aggressor, in addition to violating the no-contact order, and he was taken into custody for the allegations.

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