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Home Improvement Star Arrested for Choking Girlfriend

Oregon police arrested actor Zachery Ty Bryan after allegations that he tried to strangle his girlfriend during an argument.

A couple of weeks ago, Bryan notified the public via social media about his upcoming divorce from his wife of 14-years with whom he shares 4 children.

On October 16, 39-year-old Bryan, who currently resides in North Eugene with his girlfriend, got into a spat.

Neighbors reportedly overheard the fighting between the couple, and they believed that the altercation had become physically abusive.

The Eugene Police Department was notified by the tenants, and officers went to the location provided by the callers.

When they pulled up to the complex, the officers reported that Bryan was outside of the apartment, and his girlfriend was inside the residence of a neighboring friend.

While taking statements at the scene, the police were reportedly told that Bryan grabbed his girlfriend by her throat and applied pressure.

His girlfriend reported that when she got free from his alleged grasp she tried to notify the authorities, but Bryan allegedly took her phone from her to stop her from making the call.

The 27-year-old woman was offered medical help, but she did not believe she required assistance.

The police placed Bryan under arrest, and he was booked into the Lane County Jail around 1:00 am.

Bryan, who played the character Brad Taylor in the 1992 ABC sitcom “Home Improvement,” is facing charges for felony strangulation, misdemeanor fourth-degree assault, and misdemeanor interfering with making a report.

On Saturday, after paying $8,500 in bond, Bryan was released from incarceration. The judge ordered that upon his release he would be disallowed from having any contact with his girlfriend.

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