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North Carolina Mom Brought Baby as Robbery Companion

A mother in North Carolina is facing many charges after allegedly toting her tot to a home where she broke in and was reportedly caught trying to steal from the residence.

28-year-old Jenny Anette Skidmore Reel became the mother of a son 7-months ago. The woman and her baby reside in Marion, North Carolina.

On the evening of June 21, the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office received notification about a possible break-in at a local home.

Deputies were dispatched to the address. When they arrived, they reported that Reel was still inside the residence, and she had an infant with her.

The police determined that the child was Reel’s son, and he was reported as being 7-months old.

The authorities looked for evidence that the home had been burglarized, and they inspected the premises.

It was reported that Reel was patted down, and she allegedly had pharmaceuticals on her person. The deputies asserted that she had stolen them from the residence.

Some of the personal belongings that the police believe Real was attempting to pilfer from the home were listed as power tools, collectible coins, knives, socks, and jewelry.

Reel was taken into custody. She was booked into the county jail on a $50,000 bond.

Reel is expected to face several charges for the incident. For reportedly going into the home without permission, she is charged with breaking and entering. The prosecution believes she should face prosecution for child abuse for bringing the baby to the scene. Charges for suspicion of possession of a schedule II class substance with intent to sell or deliver were added as a result of the medicine allegedly found on Reel.

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