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Nude Florida Man’s Stolen Cop Car Catastrophe

A naked man on the Interstate reportedly stole the vehicle of an officer that tried to help him and crashed the car into a wooded area before being detained.

Late in the morning on January 21, an officer with the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office was driving down Interstate 10 when he saw a nude man on the ground near the shoulder of the road.

The officer pulled over and left his keys in the vehicle when he went to see if the man required assistance.

When the officer attempted an interaction, the man reportedly became aggressive and dashed to the patrol car.

The officer chased and then struggled with the unclothed man to try to prevent him from fleeing in the vehicle. The man was already in the driver’s seat and allegedly started to accelerate, and the officer was forced to let go.

After the man reportedly took off down the Interstate, the police car was spotted by a news reporter and his photographer while they were traveling in the area.

The reporter said that the vehicle was being operated in a concerning manner, and he and his colleague saw the car leave the road and crash in the woods.

The authorities were at the scene, and the photographer began filming the event as it was taking place.

The video showed the officers ordering the man to exit the car before he charged toward them while screaming.

The police had their weapons drawn, and the man dropped to the ground and was detained.

The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment and evaluation, and the charges that he may face have not yet been reported.

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