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Cops Scratched Circle K Assistant Manager’s Lottery Scam

The assistant manager of a Florida Circle K store was accused of swiping winning scratch-off lottery tickets worth thousands of dollars when they were reported missing from the store’s inventory.

37-year-old Richard Dawayne Fonville lives in Hilliard, Florida. He is employed as an assistant manager at a Circle K convenience store in Jacksonville, approximately 30-miles from his home.

Around Christmastime, the manager was needed at a different Circle K location and Fonville took over her duties during her absence from the site.

When the manager came back to her home store after helping at the other, she reportedly noticed that some of the numbers did not seem to add up for the sales and winnings of the Florida Lottery tickets.

The manager asserted that there were discrepancies on December 20, and again during the three days between December 25 and December 28.

When reviewing the security camera footage for the dates in question, the manager allegedly saw Fonville approach the counter where the scratch-off lottery tickets are kept.

The video reportedly showed Fonville using the scanning machine in what was purported to be an attempt to locate winning tickets without scratching off the front. It was further asserted that Fonville did not pay for the tickets before collecting the payouts.

When he found winning tickets, Fonville reportedly cashed in the winnings and removed the money from the store’s register.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office investigated the situation, and they determined that Fonville was likely responsible for stealing the estimated $6,520 in scratch-off ticket winnings.

Last Monday, deputies from the sheriff’s office took Fonville into custody for the allegations.

Fonville was booked into the Nassau County Jail, and he is expected to face charges for suspicion of theft over the amount of $5,000.

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