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Octogenarian “Rogue Pharmacist” Traded Drugs for Sex

An 81-year-old pharmacist allegedly traded more than one person his drug inventory from his establishment for sexual favors.
Martin Brian owns and operates Murray-Overhill Pharmacy in Media, Pennsylvania. It is reported that his store is no longer open.
In April, the local authorities were notified about two people in a parked car behind Brian’s pharmacy. The caller told the police that the people were unconscious.
While officers checked on the people in the vehicle, a woman reportedly walked out of the pharmacy. When she saw the police, she reportedly went back inside.
Brian and the woman talked to the officers, and it was reported that they did not have the same story about what was taking place. When the woman’s phone was searched, the police said they found texts from Brian telling her what to say during her interrogation.
Suspicions were raised, and the U.S. DEA decided to check out the pharmacy’s records. It was reported that Brian’s establishment stocked the most oxycodone, Xanax, and fentanyl of any pharmacy in the area.
The authorities spoke to the woman again, and it was reported that she told them she had an arrangement with Brian where she would perform sexually for him. She asserted that he paid for the services with prescription medicine and cash.
It was reported that a second woman who allegedly accepted drugs for sex with Brian was discovered.
The authorities believe that with Brian allegedly partaking in this kind of behavior, “he allowed his need for sexual gratification to override any sense of personal or professional responsibility to the community.” They added that they “aggressively pursue rogue pharmacists like Brian that are responsible for contributing to the opioid epidemic.”
Brian was taken into custody and jailed on a $250,000 bond. He is facing several felonies, including many counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance to a drug-dependent person, dispensing a controlled substance in a manner inconsistent with the rules of the medical profession, criminal use of a communication facility, and sexual extortion.
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