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Clarkston Man Swiped Tip Jars from Several Restaurants

A Michigan man was turned in by his mother after he allegedly spent a day visiting local restaurants and taking off with their tip jars.
According to reports, early in the afternoon on October 30, Aaron’s Rent-to-Own store in Pontiac, Michigan was visited by someone in a ski mask. The person reportedly grabbed a 50-inch Samsung television and tried to flee out the door, but they were stopped by one of the workers.
The authorities were notified about the alleged attempted theft, and the license plate of the gold Ford Focus the suspect reportedly left in was given as an identifier.
Approximately 30-minutes later, a pita restaurant in Independence reported that someone had made off with their tip jar, which was estimated to have $40 inside. The workers were able to see part of the license plate, and they gave the number to the police.
The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office reported that a few hours later, they received a call from Ray’s Fish and Chicken in Pontiac. They reported that someone came in and robbed their tip jar which held approximately $20. A portion of the suspect’s license plate was given, in addition to a description of his hair.
Rocket Restaurant and Pizzeria, also in Pontiac, filed a report a short time later about a similar incident involving the taking of their tip jar. The vehicle that the suspect left in was described as a station wagon.
In the evening, on-duty deputies saw a Focus that they believed was the one described in the alleged thefts.
When they tried to perform a traffic stop, the driver reportedly sped away and struck another vehicle. No one was reported as being injured, but the suspect escaped from the scene.
That evening, the authorities received a call from the mother of 26-year-old Aaron Maple. The woman reportedly said that her son was the driver of the Ford Focus that was in the accident. She let them know that he would be turning himself in the following morning.
Maple was booked and charged with two counts of larceny in a building, retail fraud, driving with a suspended license, and third-degree felony fleeing a police officer.
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