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Off-duty Officer Fires Gun when Teen Walks on his Lawn

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of teens were walking home from school in an Anaheim neighborhood when an Anaheim resident confronted the teens. The resident is an LAPD officer who was off duty at the time. He complains that the teens were allegedly walking on his property. The officer and teens exchanged some words and that’s when the off duty policeman allegedly grabbed a 13 year old boy. The other teens immediately took out their phones to start recording what happened next.

The 13 year old boy allegedly threatened to shoot the man, according to Anaheim police, which led to the off duty officer trying to handcuff the boy. “You’ve been resisting the whole time,” the man told the boy, who you can see in the video refusing to let go. “Punch a kid in the nuts, that’s a pussy move,” the boy responded. “Let me go, for the last time!”

The boy alleged that the off duty officer called a girl a “cunt” when telling her to get off his lawn, then tackled the boy first when he stood up for the girl.

The man dragged the teen off to some bushes. It is not clear from the video if man ever announced that he was in fact a police officer. You can hear in the video the teen saying “I could understand if you were a cop, but you’re not a cop.” The other kids that were with the teen started to defend the kid, with one shoving the man and another throwing a swing. That’s when the off duty officer pulled out a gun and the surrounding teens started to back off. A shot can be heard shortly after.

An elderly man, who is unidentified, allegedly called the police. He claims that the shot was accidental. Anaheim police arrived to detain the kids. The 13 year old teen was booked at Orange County Juvenile Hall for criminal threats and battery. A 15 year old was also arrested for assault and battery and then released to his parents. The off duty LAPD officer was not arrested. The Orange County District Attorney’s office will review the case.

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