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Office Employee Accused of Putting Semen in Manager’s Water

A man who worked in a dermatology office in Florida has been accused of battery after allegedly sneaking into the manager’s office and adding semen to her drinking water on two different days.

62-year-old Robert Tyson was employed as an office worker at the Welby Way dermatology clinic in Tallahassee. He reportedly had a negative rapport with the office manager and he tried to address the issues by sending letters to the woman in question and to her bosses informing them of his displeasure with the way the office was being run due to his belief that she was not performing her job well.

On July 2, the office manager was drinking water from the cup she had on her desk and she believed it had a taste and odor that should not have been present. When looking inside of the mug she noted a white-colored, viscous substance was floating in the water.

The woman reportedly recalled that she experienced the same thing while drinking water from her mug on June 26, and she decided to alert her manager about the incidents.

When the surveillance camera footage for the dates reported were reviewed they allegedly showed a man that fit Tyson’s description in the victim’s office after he checked to make sure that no one was around to see him. In both instances the suspect was shown on video as he entered the woman’s office and took the lid off of her cup before pouring the contents of a small container into it, and then returning the lid to its position.

An email was received by the Advanced Dermatology Management, Inc.’s public relations manager on July 4, from someone claiming to be Tyson, concerning the allegations and stating that he did in fact put semen in the woman’s water on July 2.

As reflected in the probable cause affidavit, the email, which the authorities learned had come from an internet account with personal information showing that it was contracted to Tyson, contained text expressing disgust with himself for what he had done. He explained that he was struggling through rough personal times, and he was worn down from his work schedule. He contributed those things as some of the reasons he performed the act. Tyson was fired from his position.

Tyson was charged with two misdemeanor counts of battery, and he was released after paying his bond, along with the orders of making no contact with the victim, and that he must wear a GPS tracking device to monitor his whereabouts.

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