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Ohio Officers Struck by Dancing Drunk Man

When a reportedly intoxicated man allegedly pushed the envelope with the authorities by dancing, screaming, and lashing out physically, he was arrested and charged for the unsatisfying performance.

In the West Cleveland suburb of Parma Heights, a man was sitting in his vehicle while allegedly intoxicated.

The authorities were notified after the man allegedly dug his heels in when someone asked him to exit his vehicle so he would not drive drunk.

Before the police arrived, it was reported that the man had decided to make his way home on foot, but when the authorities intersected with him they spoke to him about the situation.

While talking to the officers, the man allegedly tried to convince them to take home him in their vehicle.

He was denied a lift by the authorities, but they reportedly asked if he would like them to call a ride service for him.

The man allegedly dismissed the idea and continued walking.

After the officers left the area, the man reportedly called the police and asked for assistance, asserting that his cigarettes had been stolen by someone.

The police arrived a second time, and they reported that they located the cigarettes in the man’s pocket and told him to get home before he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Purportedly dissatisfied with the interaction, the man allegedly pulled out his cellphone and began to capture a video recording of an officer.

After reportedly making a pit stop for a beer, the man allegedly began shouting and started to dance a second time.

The police determined that he should be placed under arrest.

After cuffing the man and putting him into the police vehicle, he allegedly became unruly by using profane language while he kicked, spat, and slammed his head against the divider between the front and back of the car.

It was suspected that the man needed medical attention, and the authorities called emergency medical services to the scene.

The man was reported as continuing his combative behavior when they arrived, and he allegedly began physically lashing out at the medics and officers.

The suspect is expected to face charged for disorderly conduct, assault, and criminal mischief for his allegedly extended and hostile exhibition.

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