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Oklahoma Gubernatorial Candidate Kidnapped and Raped Woman

A man currently running for governor of Oklahoma was accused of sexually and physically assaulting a woman he allegedly abducted.

58-year-old Paul Tay is an Independent party candidate running for governor in the 2022 election.

Last week, a woman was perusing Craigslist when she reportedly came across an employment ad for a position with the 2022 Paul Tay campaign.

The woman allegedly spoke with Tay about her desire to apply for the job. She additionally reportedly let him know that she had no transportation to get to the interview site.

According to the applicant, Tay offered to pick her up in Bethany for the meeting. Since the job ad reportedly included housing as a part of the compensation package, the woman was not concerned about the travel involved if she was hired.

When Tay arrived, the woman said she climbed into the passenger’s seat and expected that they were going to the campaign office in Oklahoma City.

The woman alleged that Tay appeared to be heading in the direction of Tulsa instead. She said she attempted to get out of the car, but Tay reportedly would not allow it. The woman reported that Tay struck her with a metal pipe.

The vehicle ran out of gas about an hour and a half after Tay and the woman started their trip. The passenger reported that they made it to a gas station where Tay got out of the car to panhandle for gas money. He allegedly locked her inside the car, and she said she was afraid to try to escape.

After he got enough money for gasoline, Tay reportedly took the woman to his home in Tulsa. While they were there, he allegedly sexually assaulted her and would not allow her to leave the residence.

On August 23, the alleged victim reportedly told Tay she needed feminine hygiene products from Walmart. The man agreed to take her to the store.

When they were inside Walmart, the woman found a way to tell one of the employees that she needed help.

The authorities went to Walmart, and Tay was located in the parking lot.

Tay was placed under arrest and booked into the county jail on an $85,000 bond. He is facing charges for suspicion of first-degree rape, kidnapping, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

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