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Oklahoma Man Gave Toy Trial Run in Adult Shop

A man accused of going into an adult shop and removing merchandise from the shelf to pleasure himself publicly is fighting the criminal charge filed against him.

Carlie’s in Oklahoma City is a lingerie and adult party shop that sells items such as intimate clothing, novelty gifts, and sex toys.

23-year-old Gilbert Cordero had reportedly applied for job positions at the establishment several times.

On December 27, while a woman was working her shift at Carlie’s, Cordero reportedly entered the store.

The employee recognized Cordero from the times he had previously visited the location to hand in applications, and she kept watch over his activities while he was browsing the merchandise.

The man reportedly went to a section of the store where sex toys were on display and paused after he spotted a device intended to simulate oral sex on men.

Cordero allegedly pulled out his privates and began to use the toy to pleasure himself in the shop.

When the employee noticed what was allegedly going on, she activated a store security alarm. Cordero reportedly put the used toy back on the shelf and walked out of the store.

The Oklahoma City Police Department was notified, and police were sent to the store.

According to the probable cause affidavit, when the authorities reviewed the surveillance video, they allegedly saw a man believed to be Cordero using saliva as a lubricant before masturbating with the merchandise.

After obtaining an arrest warrant, Cordero was taken into custody and charged for suspicion of outraging public indecency, a misdemeanor.

Cordero was released from custody on a $500 bond, and he has entered a plea of not guilty. He is scheduled to appear in court at the beginning of December.

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