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Orange County football coach charged with cocaine possession

A football coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School has been arrested for possession of narcotics. The coach was detained for possessing a “powdery white substance” , suspected to be cocaine. The substance was found in a search of his vehicle by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The coach was apparently not on campus or with students- the substance was found in a limousine in San Juan Capistrano, whereas the Catholic school is in Rancho Santa Margarita. He was, nonetheless, reportedly fired from his position as junior-varsity football coach and may face charges of both drug possession and being under the influence. This is the third coach from Santa Margarita Catholic High School to be accused of a drug offense in recent years.

Drug Policy in California sets various punishments depending on the substance in which a person illegally possesses. In this case, cocaine is found in Schedule 2 of The California Uniform Controlled Substances Act. It is illegal to possess under California Health and Safety Code 11350. Various sentences apply- from drug treatment programs to state prison incarceration.

If you or someone you know has been charged with possession of cocaine or another illegal substance, you should seek legal representation as soon as possible. There could be details in your case that cannot be overlooked.  It is unclear, for example, whether the coach described above was detained pursuant to a legal traffic stop. If he wasn’t, an attorney should bring a motion under California Penal Code section 1538.5 to get the charges dismissed.

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