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The Importance of the Opening Statement at Your Criminal Trial

If you ever watched a legal drama, you know that your Irvinecriminal defense attorney will be spending hours figuring out the best opening statement for your trial. After all, opening statements can be pivotal. They can set the tone – and the stage – for the rest of the prosecution.

So what are some important elements of an opening statement?

The opening statement can tell a story.

YourIrvinecriminal defense attorney wants to engage the jurors’ attention. He doesn’t want them to be sleeping on the job. That is why he might opt to tell a story about the case. Your lawyer might paint a portrait of your arrest as a day where you experienced a completely unfair act. They may also take the time to point out discrepancies or weaknesses with the prosecution’s story.

The opening statement can create themes used for the rest of the trial.

Your defense attorney may opt to use the opening statement for a stage to set some themes that will be used for the rest of the trial. For example, he might decide to reiterate the fact that you were acting in self-defense during the alleged incident. Or, he might emphasize the fact that even though you started the fight, your victim is the one who goaded you on.

Your defense attorney might try to make himself relatable to the juror.

Sometimes your lawyer may even decide to concede a few points during the opening statement. If they concede certain facts that are irrefutable, they may become more palatable to the jury. The jury may end up seeing them as being reliable, or reasonable.

Whatever your defense attorney decides, they will likely discuss and inform you of their strategy first. If you have more questions about the opening statement and what it entails, contact experiencedIrvinecriminal defense attorney Staycie Sena today for a free initial consultation.

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