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Orange County Man Accused of Pimping Teens

During an undercover investigation, the authorities have come to suspect a citizen of Orange County of attempting to partake in acts of human trafficking with two girls that the man believed were teenagers.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department, while conducting an investigation, made a mock Facebook account that appeared as if it was the profile of a 16-year-old girl.

On October 19, someone online who appeared to be a man messaged the fake account. A conversation began leading to an alleged offer for the imposter teenager to work in the sex trade with the man serving as her pimp. The investigator reportedly played along and said that she had a friend who was 15 and that they were both working as prostitutes with a current pimp.

The man allegedly proposed that the girls take money and valuables from their pimp and meet with him at a motel in Buena Park.

When the authorities arrived at the agreed upon location they were allegedly greeted by a man identified as 24-year-old Terry Hammond Williams.

Due to the circumstances, Williams was taken into custody on the spot and he is suspected of being the perpetrator who was operating the online account that tried to employ the teens to sell their bodies for a profit under his supervision.

Williams is facing charges of two felony counts of human trafficking, two felony counts of attempted pimping of a minor, and two felony counts of pandering of a minor for the allegations. If he is found guilty of the charges he could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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