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Man in Dinosaur Costume Blew Up on Girlfriend

A man wearing a blow-up dinosaur costume has been accused of also having an inflated temper resulting in accusations that he battered his girlfriend during a disagreement.

19-year-old Patrick John Gallway had plans with his 23-year-old girlfriend Teresa on the evening of October 27, and he was awaiting her arrival at his home.

Their plans did not appear to be set in stone because when Teresa reached Gallway’s place she saw that he was wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume in preparation for a Halloween party.

The woman told Gallway she didn’t want to go to a party, but that she would like them to visit a friend and watch a movie instead. Her request allegedly upset Gallway, and a fight between the couple ensued during which he reportedly became physically aggressive with her, so she went to her friend’s home on her own.

More than one of the woman’s friends was present at the residence and they felt as if Teresa should report the incident to the authorities. After encouraging her for some time, Teresa hesitantly allowed one of her friends to notify the police, though she reportedly did not want to.

When an officer arrived to talk to Teresa it was reported that the woman did not seem to want to take part, but she eventually gave an account of what took place during the event between Gallway and herself.

The woman told the officer that she went to Gallway’s residence where they fought over their plans for the evening, and during the argument, she alleged that he held her on the floor by the throat for a few moments. The officer reported that there was redness present on her neck and a part of her body that was believed to have come from the alleged battery. Teresa said that she was able to breathe throughout the encounter and that she didn’t want Gallway to be taken into custody.

After explaining that it is the procedure in handling domestic violence reports the officer located Gallway driving in his vehicle and pulled him over.

According to the affidavit, when Gallway gave his account of what happened he said that he and his girlfriend argued over going to a Halloween party so he went without her and she went to see her friends instead. He also said that he did not use physical violence against the alleged victim.

Gallway was placed under arrest and he is facing charges of misdemeanor battery. He spent the night in the county jail and he was released the following afternoon.

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