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Oregon Man Arrested for Kidnapping and Raping Canadian Teen 

A man in Oregon was accused of kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old girl from Canada who was reportedly found at his home after she was missing for over a week. 

It was reported by the Edmonton Police Service that on June 24, a 13-year-old girl was marked absent from school. She also did not return to her home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada after the school day had ended. The teen’s family reported her missing. 

The Canadian authorities, along with the FBI and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, began to try to find the young girl. 

A week had passed since the teenager’s disappearance, and the authorities believed she was with a man in the Pacific Northwest. 

41-year-old Noah Madrano lives in Oregon City, which is approximately 13 miles south of Portland. 

On July 2, eight days after the girl was first reported missing, the investigation led the authorities to Madrano. 

When they located the man, they reported that the teenager was with him. 

The police took the girl to the hospital to make sure that she was not in need of medical treatment. 

Madrano was placed under arrest and booked into the Clackamas County Jail without bail. He is facing initial charges of second-degree kidnapping, first-degree sexual abuse, and second-degree rape. It was reported that he might face additional charges, as well.  

The girl was flown back to Edmonton, and she is back at home with her family. Her father said that he does not care if Madrano is tried for the charges in the United States instead of Canada. 

It was reported that the FBI believes the contact between Madrano and the teen that led up to the situation was carried out online.  

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