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Parents Charged for Severe Neglect of 7 Children

The parents of seven children in Pennsylvania are facing serious charges after allegedly forcing their children to live in deplorable conditions with caged rats and installing a lock on the refrigerator so they could not eat.

According to reports, on April 23, the neighbor of a family with seven kids who live in a three-bedroom mobile home in Sellersville saw one of the children going into an abandoned trailer. They believed the youngster looked malnourished, so they called 911 to report the situation.

Officers with the Pennridge Regional Police Department were dispatched to the residence to investigate.

When they arrived, they noted that a girl was near an abandoned trailer, and she reportedly told them she was bringing a blanket to her pet rats.

It was reported that they went to the family’s residence and learned seven children lived there. When they saw the youngsters, the police noted they were all unkempt and looked ill. The home was also allegedly in disrepair, with structural dangers, unclean surfaces, and bugs all over the dwelling.

When the police went to the kitchen, they reportedly saw a lock on the refrigerator. They believed it was meant to keep the children from eating. Additionally, they could not find any personal hygiene items in the residence.

The youngsters were never formally schooled and could not provide their birthdays or ages to the officers. They all needed medical attention and were taken to a local hospital.

After they were examined, some of the diagnoses reported included COVID-19, malnourishment, kidney issues, rotten teeth, ringworm, eye disorders, and maggots in their hair.

The parents were taken into custody on suspicion of seven counts of endangering the welfare of children. They were released from custody after posting $10,000 bonds.

The children were relocated to foster care.

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