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Woman Was Smacked with Boyfriend’s Seasoned Meat

During a disagreement with his girlfriend, a Florida Man allegedly used a piece of seasoned steak to hit her in the face two times.

At approximately 9:00 PM on May 21, a 32-year-old landscaper and his 29-year-old girlfriend were in their Pinellas Park residence. They reportedly got into a heated disagreement and began yelling at each other.

At one point during the fight, the man was outside of the residence and his girlfriend decided to lock the door. He was stranded with no way to get back in.

According to reports, after some time passed, she unlocked the door and permitted the man to return to their home. The woman then went to lie on the couch.

As stated in the arrest report, the man picked up a steak covered with seasoning and walked over to his girlfriend. He allegedly used the piece of meat to hit her in the face two times.

The authorities were notified about the alleged domestic unrest, and officers were dispatched to the address to investigate.

When they arrived, they noticed that the alleged victim had seasoning splattered on her face in a way that suggested it could have been deposited by being struck with the meat.

It was reported that the couple has a Ring doorbell camera installed inside their dwelling, and after the footage was reviewed by the police, they reported that the incident was recorded by the device.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. He may face charges of one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. The following day, he was released on his own recognizance, but he is prohibited from contacting the alleged victim.

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