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Parents Charged with Neglect for Leaving Boy Alone in Trailer for Months

A juvenile boy was reportedly left by his parents to fend for himself in an unfurnished trailer for approximately two months, and the couple is now facing charges.

Jennifer Nichols and Joshua Sanders of Pensacola, Florida rented a trailer in the beginning of September this year. The woman who rented the dwelling to them noted that they did not furnish the interior, and their child was living there without them. She stated that she attempted to provide some care for the boy, but it was not the amount of care that a guardian would offer him.

Nichols and Sanders allegedly visited on occasion and left the child with a little bit of money and a couple of meals. The landlady decided to reach out to the parents before contacting the authorities, and she informed them that they would need to move on site with their child or move him to another location where he would receive the care he needed. She told police that Sanders responded by telling her it was not her business as long as the rent payments were current.

The woman notified the authorities and the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office found the boy, whose age was not disclosed, in the trailer with only clothing and shoes. He had been living there by himself for nearly two months. He did not have furniture or food available, and he told police that he was not able to get in touch with his parents regularly. The child also said he had not been attending school.

34-year-old Nichols and 32-year-old Sanders were located and interviewed by investigators. Sanders allegedly stated that the child was declared emancipated and he was not responsible for him. The boy said that was untrue. The Florida Department of Children and Families took the boy into their care.

The couple was taken into custody on November 30, and they have each been charged with one count of neglecting a child causing great bodily harm. Sanders’ bail was set at $250,000, and Nichols’ at $150,000, and they remain in custody at the Escambia County Jail.

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