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McDonald’s Customer with Bacon Complaint Attacked by Employee’s Friend

A McDonald’s customer in Golden Gate, Florida claimed she was the victim of a physical attack after leaving the restaurant following a complaint about the freshness of her order.

Edislennis Santana, a former McDonald’s employee, picked up an order from the drive-thru. She felt that the bacon was not as fresh as she was accustomed to, and she entered the store and complained to a worker about her issue. The restaurant staff informed Santana that the bacon was fresh, but they eventually decided to replace it with a new order.

24-year-old Widna St. Jean, a friend of the employee receiving the complaint, was present for the altercation and claimed that she did not care for the way Santana conducted herself toward her friend. She was said to have stepped outside of the establishment when Santana was returning to her car to leave, and she noticed they were parked adjacently.

The Collier County Sheriff’s department stated that St. Jean allegedly confronted Santana and began arguing about the way she believed her friend was mistreated. The fight escalated and became physical when St. Jean purportedly struck Santana in the head and left a 2-inch scratch on her forearm.

An unknown caller notified authorities concerning yelling in the parking lot, and when they arrived they reported that St. Jean’s Nissan had almost made impact with their police car as they arrived.

St. Jean was taken into custody and faces a misdemeanor battery charge.

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