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Parents of 4-month-old Arrested for Brutal Ongoing Abuse 

The mother and father of a 4-month-old were arrested after it was discovered that the baby had been horribly abused and had several broken bones and brain bleeds. 

On February 8, the parents of the infant girl took her to the Firelands Regional Medical Center for medical treatment. 

After assessing the child’s condition as serious, it was decided that she would be transferred to a pediatric hospital. 

The medical staff at Firelands Regional Medical Center reported that they found the girl had many injuries, such as a broken leg and wrist, and cracked ribs, that they believed were sustained through abuse. They notified the authorities about the situation. 

At the pediatric facility, the infant was diagnosed with seizure-like activity and a chronic feeding disorder. She also had subdural hematomas. 

When speaking to the parents about where the child might have gotten hurt, they both reported that they do not leave her with a babysitter, and they are the only ones who take care of her.  

The father said he might have tickled her too hard and added that he accidentally dropped her rocker with the baby inside of it. It was asserted that the child could not have sustained the injuries in the way he explained. 

The child’s 24-year-old father was taken into custody and booked into the Eerie County Jail. It is expected that he will face one count of felony assault on a child, and two counts of child endangerment. He is being held on an $80,000 bond.  

The baby’s 19-year-old mother was also booked into the Eerie County Jail for suspicion of one count of child endangerment. She is incarcerated on a $20,000 bond. 

The child is currently under the care of Erie County Children Services. 

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