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Parents used Bungees to Trap Child in Feces-Covered Room

A couple in West Virginia was jailed when the authorities allegedly discovered their child living in the household which was reportedly found in an inexcusable environment filled with excrement and drug paraphernalia.

Last Saturday in Gilmer County, the authorities received a call from someone asking them to check on a situation regarding the suspected child neglect of a youngster. West Virginia State Police Gilmer County troopers were sent to the address to investigate.

When they reached the apartment complex, a bystander informed the troopers that they saw a child playing alone in the rain. They also asserted that they did not think the youngster was dressed warmly enough for the 48-degree temperature.

The troopers went to the residence and talked to the child’s parents. The couple reportedly said their youngster was sleeping in the bedroom. They led the troopers through the apartment, which they believed was excessively unkempt. When they reached the door, the troopers reported that they found it held shut from the outside with bungee cords.

According to reports, they entered the bedroom and saw feces smeared on the walls and floor, and a nightstand holding several items determined to be drug paraphernalia. The woman allegedly said she used one of the pieces to smoke methamphetamine the previous night.

Both parents were taken into custody and booked into the Central Regional Jail. Current reports reflect that the couple is each facing preliminary charges of two felony counts of gross neglect of a child creating a substantial risk of death or serious injury. The correctional facility records show that both individuals remain incarcerated on $20,000 bonds. A hearing regarding the charges is posted on the court calendar for next Wednesday.

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