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Parents Used Meth to Kill Toddler’s Pain from Severe Burns

A couple in Texas was arrested after reportedly treating their 1-year-old daughter’s serious burns with over-the-counter cream and methamphetamine for the pain.

According to reports, a man and woman were living in squalor in an RV with their 2-month-old twins, a 1-year-old, a 2-year-old, a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old.

Last week, their 1-year-old daughter was badly burned with boiling water, causing serious injuries to her skin. It is believed that the water came from a pot boiling on the stove.

The toddler’s parents allegedly decided to treat her injuries at home instead of seeking professional medical care. They reportedly applied burn cream to the affected areas. The youngster was in a lot of pain, and the couple allegedly administered methamphetamine injections to control it.

When the toddler woke up the next morning, the section of her skin that was burned fell off her body. Her parents called one of their friends to ask what to do, and they encouraged the couple to take the girl to the hospital. They reportedly left the 8-year-old in charge of the other children and dropped her off, but allegedly left immediately.

The hospital reportedly found methamphetamine in the toddler’s system. Bexar County Sheriff’s Office was notified, and they opened an investigation. They reported that when they checked out the RV, it was “filthy.”

The suspects were located and arrested the following day. According to records, both parties are currently housed in the Bexar County Jail. They are facing several serious charges, including endangering a child, endangering a child risking bodily injury, injury to a child resulting in serious bodily injury-reckless, and four counts of abandoning/endangering a child with intent. They are each being held in lieu of $450,000 bonds.

It was reported that one of the other children tested positive for methamphetamine as well. Child Protective Services has taken custody of all 6 of the children.

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