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Pawn Stars’ “Big Hoss” Plans to Fight DUI Accusation

Pawn Stars cast member Corey Harrison (aka Big Hoss) is contesting the allegations that he was under the influence while driving in Las Vegas, citing an infected leg as the reason he reportedly failed the roadside sobriety tests.

At the beginning of September, Harrison, who lives in Las Vegas, was in Minnesota filming an episode of the reality TV show. After the taping concluded, he flew back home.

According to reports, Harrison was driving to his residence around 2:00 AM, and police allegedly saw his truck swerve into the bike lane. They performed a traffic stop, and when they talked to him, they thought he seemed like he was drinking. He reportedly said he had one drink on the airplane more than seven hours before he got behind the wheel.

Harrison was asked to take a roadside sobriety test, and he tried to explain to the officer that he could not complete the exercises because his leg was severely infected. When he tried to follow the commands, the officers believed he did not perform up to par, but Harrison disagreed and thought he did well. He reported that he believes the tests are intentionally designed so that one cannot pass.

He reportedly told the police the reason his car was in the bike lane was that it had a mechanical issue that caused it to pull to one side and made it look like he swerved.

The officers tried to administer a breathalyzer test, but of the four machines at the scene, none of them were working properly.

Harrison was taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. His blood was drawn at the station, and he is suspected of DUI. Harrison, who maintains his innocence, plans to fight the charges.

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