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Police Found Crack Dealer Hiding in Clothes Dryer

When the authorities went to the home of a man suspected of selling crack cocaine, they reportedly found him hidden inside a clothes dryer.

A few months ago, an individual contacted the police and reported that they knew of a man who was selling narcotics out of his apartment in Monroe, Louisiana. After investigating the claims, agents from the Monroe Police Department’s High Enforcement and Apprehension Team went to the address on the afternoon of January 20 with a search warrant.

According to reports, a woman answered the door, and a man who was not the party the police were seeking was inside the apartment. The woman, who was identified as the suspect’s girlfriend, reportedly tried to stop the officers from coming inside, and the man allegedly gave the police a hard time about the warrant.

When they searched the apartment, the authorities reportedly found razor blades tainted with white powder that they believed was crack. They also allegedly uncovered marijuana and paraphernalia. The biggest discovery made was when they looked inside a clothes dryer in the kitchen and found the suspect, whose girlfriend said was not home, curled up inside.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Ouachita County Correctional Facility. The authorities are seeking charges on suspicion of two counts of possession with intent to distribute or manufacture a schedule II controlled dangerous substance – crack, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, one count of possession of a schedule I dangerous substance – marijuana, and one count of resisting an officer. He is being held in lieu of a $17,250 bond.

Additionally, the man’s girlfriend and another party in the home were for obstruction.

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