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Man Handed Officer Driver’s License Covered in Meth

When a Central Florida man handed over his driver’s license during a traffic stop, the officer allegedly found it coated with a controlled illegal substance which led to the discovery of a stash of drugs in the vehicle.

According to reports, on the evening of January 21, a man was driving in Haines City, Florida, when an officer spotted his vehicle and saw a tailgate blocking the visibility of the license plate. A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver pulled over.

When the officer started talking to the driver, he asked to see his driver’s license. When the man handed it over to the officer, he reported that there was white powder covering the surface of the card. When asked if the license had the remnants of drugs, the man reportedly said no. He reportedly added that there were no narcotics in the truck.

Additional law enforcement officials, including a K9 officer, went to the scene to assist. When the K9 inspected the vehicle, it reportedly signaled that it detected drugs. The officers checked inside the truck and allegedly found one small and one large baggie containing white powder. They thought it looked identical to what was allegedly on the driver’s license.

It was reported that the substance in the bags and on the license were tested, and the results were positive for methamphetamine. The authorities reported that the larger baggie contained 14.23 grams of meth, and the small one held 2 grams.

The man, who has an extensive criminal record, was taken into custody on suspicion of trafficking in amphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possessing a vehicle knowingly trafficking drugs, and tampering with physical evidence. He was booked into the Polk County Jail.

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