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Police Station Used as Sex Site by Unabashed Couple

The authorities did not have to go far in order to locate a man and woman who were reportedly seen having sex on the sidewalk on Tuesday.

In an incident that he reportedly chalked up to as being a cultural norm for the area, a Key West man was allegedly copulating with his female companion outside of a police station when a passerby caught their public show.

Gary Hill and Crystal Frances were reportedly spending their evening socializing while sharing a pint of vodka on April 29.

The pair, who had purportedly become intoxicated from the spirits, allegedly found themselves on the paved pathway right outside of the Key West Police Station. The couple allegedly became frisky and gave in to their urges by beginning to remove their clothes.

A woman in the vicinity said that she saw Hill and Frances, and she got the impression that they were in the midst of kicking off an immodest and X-rated show just ahead of the front doors of the agency’s building. She decided to present her notion about the illegal alleged tryst to a clerk inside.

An officer walked out to the given location and reported that he verified the concerned citizens claim when he viewed Hill on top of Frances, and they were both naked from the waist down. In his written statement, the officer reflected that he spoke with Hill and inquired about what was going on when the man allegedly explained that it was a “Key West moment.”

In the heat of the backlash unfolding for the alleged in-view nookie, Frances was recorded as being drunk to the point that she was unable to cooperate in dressing herself, and another officer came outside to assist. It was determined that before the police considered taking legal measures Frances should be seen by medical professionals at the hospital in case the amount of alcohol she consumed might pose harm to her.

Hill, who did not have a current physical residence reported, was taken to the detention center for a charge of misdemeanor lewd and lascivious indecent exposure for having sex in public and jailed in lieu of $7500 bond.

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