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Teen Chomped a Chunk of Flesh Off Clerk’s Face

A Massachusetts teenager reportedly took a bite of a gas station clerk’s cheek and proceed to play in the bloody aftermath in front of the customers until the authorities arrived.

Late Monday night, Scott Trainor, 55, was working his shift at a Sunoco gas station when a local man who regularly shops at the convenience market came in.

19-year-old Joel Davila, who said that Trainor often allows him to take beverages when he doesn’t have money, made an attempt to grab a bottled drink when the clerk stepped in. Trainor blocked Davila’s access to the cooler with his arm and the situation allegedly turned confrontational.

A scuffle broke out, and while their heads were close together Davila reportedly took a bite of Trainor’s face in an area just beneath his eye. The wounded spot did not have any skin left on it and there was purportedly quite a bit of blood.

While customers watched, Davila allegedly placed himself on the floor in the bloody mess from the clerk’s injury and began to smear it around with his fingers.

When the police arrived they noted that Davila was still on the ground, and the area around his mouth appeared to be covered with blood. When they asked if he had any idea what might have happened to the skin that was missing from the alleged victim’s face, Davila was reported as saying that it was possible he had eaten it, and they were welcome to look inside of his stomach if they wanted.

Trainor was quickly taken to the hospital for his wound, and Davila was taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation.

After he was assessed, Davila was arrested and charged for suspicion of assault with intent to maim, and mayhem.

At his arraignment on Tuesday, Davila’s grandma gave sworn testimony confirming her grandson suffers from mental illness, but she would not go into detail about the nature of the diagnosis. A court psychologist explained that Davila is currently on an antipsychotic prescription drug and that it would be reasonable to suspect that he has schizophrenia.

Davila, who entered a plea of not guilty to the charges, was detained without bail at the Bridgewater State Hospital while he awaits a competency hearing scheduled for May 19 to find out if he is deemed capable of standing trial.

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