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Prison Corrections Officer Snuck Drug Burrito Into Facility

A Colorado prison guard has been accused of attempting to smuggle a contraband-filled burrito inside of the prison with the alleged intention of distributing the contents.

27-year-old Trevor Martineau has been employed as a corrections officer at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility; a men’s state prison in Buena Vista County, Colorado. Martineau was hired on at the site in August 2018.

At the end of June, a few inmates of the facility passed on information to an investigator working at the prison regarding knowledge they obtained about Martineau allegedly taking advantage of his position by filtering in narcotics.

When Martineau arrived at work for his shift in the morning on July 2, he was spoken to by the authorities about the allegations against him bringing drugs into the prison.

The affidavit states that Martineau was read his Miranda rights and willingly spoke about the incident without a lawyer present. He allegedly revealed that his locker was holding a lunchbox with a burrito inside. The contents of the tortilla was where the suspect reportedly stashed the stash. Martineau was also reported as saying he was paid $1,000 for his alleged participation in the deed.

After collecting and opening the burrito, 91.4 grams of methamphetamine, 26.1 grams of heroin, 46 strips of Suboxone, 10 strips of “suspected Buprenorphine Naloxone,” 13 wrappers holding what was believed to be marijuana wax, and 6 small USB flash drives were allegedly found inside.

After he was transported to the county jail, Martineau was issued one count each of unlawful distribution of meth, heroin, and suboxone, three charges for unlawful possession of a controlled substance, and first-degree introduction of contraband. He was incarcerated in lieu of $10,000 cash bond and released from his position at the correctional institution.

It was reported that the authorities went to his residence and recovered all but $40 of the money that they believe Martineau received in connection with the event.

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