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Private Residence Damaged When Driver Tipped Truck  

A suspected intoxicated driver in Pennsylvania was taken into custody after he allegedly used his vehicle to damage a private residence and flipped the truck on its side. 

Early in the morning on October 23, a man who was asserted to be under the influence of alcohol was driving his truck through a residential area in Lebanon County. 

According to reports, the man allegedly drove the vehicle onto someone’s lawn and began to do a “burnout.” 

A burnout occurs when the wheels are kept turning while a vehicle stays in place. It usually causes smoke to billow out due to the friction. 

The man’s truck toppled on its side, and it was reported that the home was damaged during the incident. 

Just after 1:30 AM, the authorities were notified. 

Officers from the Palmyra Borough Police Department went to the address and found that the truck was still lying on its side. 

When they interacted with the man, the police determine that he was intoxicated. 

People near the residence talked to the officers and said that they saw the incident occur. They reported that it seemed like the man lost control of his truck while trying to peel out on the front lawn.  

The suspect was placed under arrest, and he is facing several charges for the incident. He is accused of DUI (highest rate of alcohol), DUI (incapable of safe driving), damage to unattended vehicle/property, careless driving, and failure to drive within lane. 

According to reports, the 26-year-old had his blood-alcohol level tested, and the lab reported that it was .161, which is just over twice the legal limit for operating a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania. 

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