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Psychic Accused of Bogus Business after Prior Fraud Conviction

A woman working as a psychic out of a business in Mount Vernon, Washington, has been charged with defrauding clients after she was convicted for the same offense nearly ten years ago in Florida.

69-year-old Linda Marks, a woman claiming she is a psychic, stood trial in 2006 in Florida for scamming mostly ill and vulnerable clients for more than $2 million over a period of eight years by offering supernatural solutions to their dilemmas. Just before she was given a four year sentence she made a statement to the court apologizing for her actions. Marks explained that she learned to steal as a result of growing up in a gypsy community, and a family member trained her in fortunetelling. “This is our heritage. This is the way we are taught to survive,” she said.

Marks has now moved her business to Mount Vernon, Washington. A woman recently sought the help of Marks for romantic, physical and family problems which were causing her to suffer from depression. Marks allegedly informed the woman that she was afflicted with a curse, and she could be cured through spiritual means.

The woman claimed she was asked to give Marks money in the amount of over $50,000, but only temporarily, while it was used as an instrument in which to cleanse the evil energy affecting her from the curse. Marks explained the currency would then be cleansed and returned to the woman. After the procedure was complete and the client asked to have her investment returned she asserted that Marks asked her to provide more funds in order to be given back the full amount.

Due to the unorthodox request for more currency the woman believed she was being scammed.  She connected with former police officer Bob Nygaard, a Florida private investigator working as an expert in fortuneteller fraud cases, and asked him for assistance with her predicament.

Nygaard and Washington law enforcement worked together in obtaining enough information to justify a search warrant. In an attempt to substantiate the victim’s claims Marks’ personal and business financial records were confiscated.

Records show Marks was taken into custody by Mount Vernon police and charged with first-degree theft by deception. She is being held in Skagit County Jail on $75,000 bail.

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