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Incarcerated Mother Seeking Legal Representation Denies Accusations of Child Abuse

A Phoenix mother who was found by police nearly two weeks after family members reported that she and her three-year-old son were missing has been accused of child abuse. She denies the allegations and is seeking a lawyer to help defend her innocence.

When law enforcement located Taquila Wilson and her son they noticed he had several blemishes on his body that they believed were injuries. Wilson was questioned about the marks, and she told police that her child suffers from a skin disease.

Officers also believed the toddler suffered from “Cauliflower Ear,” which is often caused by physical trauma. Medical staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital examined the child and they agreed with the police’s initial assessment.

When the boy was asked about the origin of his afflictions he told the investigators, “Mommy hit me.” Wilson’s other children were also reported as naming several items she employed such as a belt, shoe and hanger as the source of the wounds.

The examining physicians at the hospital claimed that the boy’s injuries were consistent with markings from being struck with a belt.

21-year-old Wilson was taken into custody on Thursday, and it was recorded in court documents that she cited high amounts of stress caused her to hurt her son physically. She allegedly admitted to using a belt on more than one occasion to hit her child.

In contrast, when Wilson was interviewed on Monday she disputed the charges stating, “I just want to be able to prove that I’m innocent, and I didn’t commit this crime.” She also added, “Abusing my son, I did not do that at all. I’m innocent and I need an attorney.”

Wilson was booked into Maricopa County jail on child abuse charges, and she is being held without a set bail amount due to prior drug charges. She is scheduled to appear in court on November 7.

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