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Rape Suspect Taught Toddler to Smoke Marijuana

A Pennsylvania man was taken into custody and charged after he was accused of raping the mother of his children and giving instructions about how to smoke weed to their 3-year-old.

33-year-old John Yurasits lives in Mount Holly Springs with his 3 children and their mom. The couple reportedly has a newborn, in addition to a 2-year-old and 3-year-old.

In May, the woman filed a complaint with Child Protective Services alleging Yurasits had sexually assaulted her several times and that she was afraid he might hurt the children.

The information regarding the situation was shared with the Mount Holly Springs Police Department, and they began to look into the possibility that criminal activity was taking place in the home Yurasits shares with his family.

The authorities asserted that they found incriminating evidence allegedly confirming the woman’s claim of being raped, and it was posited that sexual assaults had taken place at least three times.

When digging deeper into Yurasits’ home life, the authorities claimed he was abusing the couple’s 3-year-old daughter in more than one fashion.

After they reportedly saw pictures documenting reddened hand marks on a child’s back, the police alleged that the little girl in the images was Yurasits’ toddler.

All three of Yurasits’ children were also allegedly in proximity to marijuana and paraphernalia regularly.

It was believed that Yurasits had allowed his daughter to inhale pot from a pipe after telling her to “suck into it like a McDonald’s straw.”

When Yurasits reportedly spoke to the authorities regarding the claims, the man allegedly confirmed that he gave his daughter pot because it alleviates her symptoms of autism. The police claim that the child has not been officially diagnosed.

Yurasits additionally allegedly copped to causing the marks on the girl and said he did so while punishing her for misbehaving.

Yurasits is expected to face charges for suspicion of rape, simple assault, and endangering the welfare of children.

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