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Suspect Hit Smoke Shops With Victim’s Cash and Cards

A man allegedly robbed items from a woman’s car and reportedly spent over $1100 in cash and unauthorized credit card purchases at Walmart and tobacco shops.

Spanish Fork, Utah resident Nakoda Stan Millet was accused of illegally entering the vehicle of a Chick-Fil-A worker while she was working her shift on June 8.

The 24-year-old alleged thief reportedly took off after tearing the stereo from the dash, and allegedly also scored the woman’s purse which held her wallet and credit cards.

When she got off of work and returned to her car, the woman reported that she saw the back door had been unlocked, and her items, including $300 in cash, were missing.

The alleged victim notified the authorities, and after talking with her credit card company, she learned that several purchases were recorded that she had not authorized.

The police collected a list of the establishments where the card was reportedly used and visited the locations to try to find the suspect responsible for the alleged theft.

It was discovered that prepaid Visa cards were purchased at Walmart.

The store security camera footage was viewed by the police to get a possible description of the suspect, but he was shown in the video wearing a mask and dark sunglasses.

The video reportedly offered the authorities the color and make of the vehicle in which the masked man left the premises.

Two tobacco stores in the area were reportedly visited by the alleged thief, and an employee at one of the locations told the authorities that they saw the man’s identification when he paid for his products.

After the police put the evidence together, they asserted that Millet might be the person they were seeking regarding the alleged theft.

When they tracked Millet down, the authorities looked through the vehicle they believed was used during the crimes, and it was reported that they found the woman’s credit card.

The man also allegedly handed over a stereo matching the description of the one missing from the woman’s vehicle.

Millet was detained, and it was reported that he waived his right to remain silent.

The man reportedly told the officers that he had scored the prepaid credit cards from someone else, but later allegedly recanted his statement and admitted he was a part of the vehicle theft.

Millet is expected to face charges for suspicion of felony theft, felony burglary of a vehicle, and misdemeanor unlawful acquisition or possession of a financial card.

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