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Reckless Driver Arrested While Speeding to Restaurant

When a Nevada man was pulled over and accused of speeding, he reportedly told the officer that he was heading to a restaurant that was about to close and he didn’t want to miss out.

In the evening on August 23, a 25-year-old man was driving his vehicle in Reno with his girlfriend in the passenger seat. The couple was reportedly on their way to a restaurant.

While they were traveling, a deputy along their route reported that the car the suspect was driving sped past at such a high rate that their police vehicle was affected. The deputy said that navigating the patrol car took a great deal of effort due to what was purported as the gale from the suspect’s vehicle whizzing past.

The deputy performed a traffic stop, and when the driver pulled over and spoke with the law enforcement agent, he allegedly said he was aware of the reason for which he was hailed down.

When the suspect was asked to provide his driver’s license, he was reportedly unable to comply because it had recently been suspended.

It was also discovered that the driver, who works in the insurance business, had four active warrants out for his arrest.

The suspect allegedly disclosed the reason that he was traveling at such a high rate of speed by reportedly telling the deputy that he and his girl were going to a restaurant that was going to stop their dinner service shortly.

The driver, who asserted that he was traveling at 50 miles-per-hour and not 70 as the officer stated, was taken into custody and he is facing charges for suspicion of reckless driving, driving without a license, and his warrants.

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