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Restaurant Lacking Chocolate Ice Cream Had Windows Demolished

A hamburger joint in St. Louis was the reported target of a female patron’s meltdown when she was informed that they were out of chocolate ice cream, and she allegedly damaged the establishment with an aluminum bat in dissatisfaction.

At the end of March, the St. Louis Police Department received a call regarding an incident that had taken place at a Rally’s restaurant.

Just before 2:30 am, it was reported that a woman had come into the establishment in search of chocolate ice cream. When she was notified that they weren’t able to fulfill her request due to having run out of the product the workers stated that the woman became very upset and began spitting at them.

After the alleged spitting, the police were told that the perpetrator, who was reportedly wielding an aluminum bat by this point, unleashed her displeasure by smashing the windows of the restaurant.

The people interviewed by the authorities told them that the woman appeared to be black, between 25 and 35-years-old, and driving an SUV. They additionally offered a description of her clothing.

At this time the authorities have not been able to locate the suspect but reported that “the investigation is ongoing,” and it was noted that no one had suffered from any injuries in the purported attack.

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