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Day Laborer Forced Into Filmed Sex Act by Couple With Rifle


A day laborer who was hired to help a couple with some tasks in their home has accused the man and woman of using a gun to intimidate him into having sex with the woman while her husband filmed the encounter.

Early last week, 45-year-old Jorge Murrieta-Valenzuela and his wife Brenda reportedly decided to hire a day laborer for things that they needed help with in their Phoenix, Arizona, residence.

Brenda allegedly drove to a nearby Home Depot to locate a worker where she made the acquaintance of a man who agreed to the job offer, which the woman reportedly told him consisted of assisting her husband with some heavy lifting.

After they rode together to the home, the laborer reported that the woman began to act flirtatious leading to her alleged disclosure that it was a sexual fantasy of hers to have intercourse with a day laborer. The man alleged that she then made it known that she wanted him to be the one.

The man told the authorities that he was receptive to the flirtation, but then allegedly changed his mind when he understood that the purported verbally expressed desire was actually a proposal for him to fulfill a role in the illicit scenario.

After what he reported was an expression of non-consent the man was allegedly approached by Jorge, who he claimed placed a rifle to his body and forced him to take part in the sexual encounter.

The alleged victim began to have sex with Brenda, and said that while calling out sexual position-changes Jorge took pictures and video of the carnal coupling while allegedly ensuring his wife’s face was obscured from view.

As the laborer tried to depart afterward, he claimed that the couple confiscated his identification and took his wife’s contact information off of his telephone before he left the home. He alleged that they threatened to use the material that was reportedly recorded to blackmail him into a repeat performance in lieu of them transferring it to his wife and returning his ID’s.

The man did not comply with their request for his return and the Murrieta-Valenzuela’s allegedly made good on their threat to distribute the images to the man’s spouse.

Around 3:00 pm, when the police responded after being notified about the alleged sex crime, they spoke with the man at the Home Depot where the incident allegedly began. He issued a statement with his account of the interaction including the location of the home and a description of the perpetrators.

After using the information to find possible suspects, the authorities identified Jorge Murrieta-Valenzuela as the owner of the house the alleged victim reported. When the police showed the laborer an image they had located of Jorge he confirmed that he believed they had found the man involved.

The arrest report reflects the belief that both Jorge and Brenda provided statements including allegedly incriminating information about the assault. They additionally claimed that after searching the contents of the phones involved in the incident they had enough probable cause to charge the couple for the forced sexual role-play.

The Murrieta-Valenzuela’s were placed under arrest on suspicion of sexual assault, aggravated assault, and unlawful recording of a person. They were each issued bond in the amount of a quarter million dollars.

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