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Restaurant Owner Beat Man Over Negative Online Review

A Florida restaurateur reportedly went to the home of a man and lashed out physically after holding him accountable for posts with negative online reviews of his eatery.

60-year-old Daniel Ahrens is the proprietor of Georgia Boy’s BBQ Restaurant in Oldsmar.

Early last week, Ahrens discovered Yelp reviews criticizing his restaurant fare and quality of service and reportedly held his girlfriend’s son responsible for the entries that claimed his eatery was not up to par.

Though he was not recorded as definitively accusing the man of writing the content, Ehrens allegedly began texting and leaving voicemail threats stating that he intended to physically harm the man for his purported participation in the reviews.

When the man went to his mother’s house to talk with her about the situation brewing between himself and her beau, Ehrens reportedly arrived at the home.

When his girlfriend opened the door, Ehrens allegedly pushed her out of the way in order to initiate contact with her son.

The man ran into the street with Ehrens reportedly trailing behind him, and when he started to walk backward he stumbled and fell.

The pursuit allegedly ended with Ehrens physically assaulting the man.

The alleged victim took a defensive stance, and the only injury recorded in the affidavit was purported to have come from his contact with the ground when he tripped.

The Largo Police Department sent response to the home, and though they determined he “did not cause bodily harm,” Ehrens was apprehended for the alleged ambush.

Ehrens, who was reported as having domestic violence-related priors from July on his rap sheet, was jailed and charged for suspicion of misdemeanor battery.

After spending the night in jail, Ehrens was released on a $500 bond.

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