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Restaurant Owner Had Piece of Ear Bitten Off by Angry Customer

A woman who was unhappy with her order at a Chinese restaurant has been charged for allegations that she was the cause of a fight with the owner of the establishment which resulted in the man losing a piece of his ear when he was bitten during the incident.

On Thursday evening a customer left her child at home so that she could return to the China 1 restaurant in Mount Clemons, Michigan because she was dissatisfied that the order she received was not what she expected.

The upset woman, identified as 24-year-old Jade Anderson, spoke with the owners of the restaurant about the problem she had with her food order, but they do not speak fluent English. The owners’ son, who was also present at the restaurant during Anderson’s visit, attempted to intervene and help his parents understand what the customer was trying to convey to them. Anderson reportedly became frustrated with the encounter and threw the food on the floor after shoving him.

Anderson then allegedly became physically violent with the woman proprietor of the restaurant. At that point, the son decided to alert the authorities and ask for police intervention. Before they arrived the male owner, who is also the husband of the woman who was allegedly attacked by Anderson, attempted to remove Anderson from the restaurant.

As the man tried to physically usher Anderson out of the front door she allegedly tore a piece of his ear off with her teeth.

Police arrived and the man was sent to the local hospital for treatment of his wounds. His wife received medical attention from EMT’s at the scene.

Anderson was taken into custody and booked at the Macomb County Jail where she is being held in lieu of a $20,000 bond. She is facing charges of one count of assault with attempt to maim, and one count of assault or assault and battery.

When it was revealed to the authorities that Anderson had left her young child unattended they went to her residence and found a safe place in which to house the youngster for the time being.

Anderson has a scheduled court appearance on the afternoon of July 11. If she is convicted as charged she could face a sentence of at least ten years in custody.

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