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Roommate Squabble over Stale Cereal Leads to Domestic Violence Charge

A Moundville, Alabama man has been charged with domestic violence for accusations that he became physically aggressive with his roommate.

On Friday, 52-year-old Duane Barry Smith allegedly became upset when he ate a bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal and learned that it was stale. He assumed that his roommate did not close the package properly after he had used it himself, and he called the man out on his supposed action.

Smith told the man that since he is lacking a full set of teeth it is painful to eat the cereal when it is not fresh. He reportedly then became angry and tried to force his roommate to remove his false teeth and chew some of the hardened product so that he could feel the discomfort for himself.

The man would not give in to Smith’s order, and Smith allegedly used a power cord from a laptop computer to hit his roommate.

When authorities responded to the scene they that discovered Smith’s roommate had many visible injuries on his face, hand, and arm.

Smith was taken into custody for the assault and he was booked into the Hale County Jail on a misdemeanor third-degree domestic violence charge. It is unknown if he has paid bail or if he is still incarcerated.

If Smith is convicted of this charge he faces a sentence of one month to one year in jail.

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