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Safeway Employee was Victim of Racially Induced Attacked

An Oregon man is facing charges after he allegedly physically assaulted a woman working at Safeway after making several racist comments to her.

Last week, a woman employed at a NE Portland Safeway store was taking her break outside of the establishment.

While the Black woman was hanging out, a man reportedly approached her and began to yell at her. The man allegedly made comments about her race, in addition to using foul language while addressing her.

The incident allegedly entered the physical realm when the man reportedly struck the woman in the face.

Before departing from the location, the man allegedly smashed a window by hurling a wine bottle at the store’s door.

When the police spoke with the alleged victim, it was noted that she displayed a “ping-pong ball-sized lump on her forehead” that was purportedly caused by the altercation. The woman said that she did not know the assailant and that she did not know the motive behind his alleged attack.

The surveillance footage was reviewed, and after the alleged victim confirmed that the man in the video was the one with whom she had the incident, the police identified him as Greg Richardson.

Safeway’s security guard alerted the other Safeway stores in the area about the incident that had taken place.

Richardson went to a Safeway on the NW side of town that afternoon. Their security guard thought he looked like the man that was responsible for the assault of the worker in the NE store, and the authorities were notified.

Richardson was taken into custody as the alleged perpetrator of the attack.

According to the district attorney, it is expected that Richardson will face charges for suspicion of more than one count of bias crime, assault, and criminal mischief.

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