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Man Pulled Gun During Meltdown Over Missing Cheese

The patron of a New Mexico McDonald’s allegedly pointed a pistol at a drive-thru employee when he was reportedly dissatisfied with his incorrect order.

25-year-old Estevan Gonzalez reportedly frequents a McDonald’s in Albuquerque, and the man has a good rapport with the workers in the establishment.

On January 7, Gonzalez reportedly paid a visit to the fast food joint and placed an order that included a cheeseburger. He and the worker, who were familiar with each other from Gonzalez’s prior patronage, exchanged pleasantries during the interaction.

When he was given his bag of food, Gonzalez drove off and discovered that one of his cheeseburgers was missing the cheese.

Gonzalez returned to the restaurant and spoke with the employee that gave him his food.

The man reported that the worker has always taken extra care to make sure he was given the proper order in the past, and he explained the situation about the absent cheese to the employee.

The worker assured Gonzalez that he would have the cook take care of the situation, and he returned to the window and handed the man a cheeseburger that had purportedly been corrected.

Gonzalez graciously accepted the cheeseburger from the worker, and he drove away.

Approximately 10 minutes after he left the drive-thru lane, Gonzalez allegedly drove back into the parking lot wildly and with disregard for the other cars.

Surveillance video from the McDonald’s shows a man assessed to be Gonzalez walking up to the drive-thru window and pointing a gun at the employee while angrily informing that his food was made improperly a second time.

The worker rushed to the back of the store with the rest of the employees, and the authorities were notified.

A police helicopter began to circle the perimeter of the restaurant while officers rushed to the location.

When the suspect saw the police cars arriving, he reportedly left in his vehicle.

The authorities asserted that he wasn’t aware he was still being trailed from the sky, and he allegedly tried to camouflage himself into a nearby neighborhood.

The cops arrived moments later, and Gonzalez did not put up a fight.

Gonzalez, who has no prior record of criminal behavior, is expected to face charges for suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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