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Savatage Singer had Door Torn from Car in DUI Crash

After his car door was destroyed in a single-car accident with a tree, the allegedly altered vocalist from Savatage was hospitalized and then arrested.

Jon Oliva, 62, is a musician with the band Savatage. Over the years, he has also combined his musical talents with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Just after midnight last Tuesday, the Florida Highway Patrol responded to a report of a single-vehicle crash on the highway in Pascoe County.

When officers arrived, they identified the driver of the vehicle as Oliva. They said that the man had been injured, and he needed to be flown to the hospital for medical treatment.

The damage to the vehicle was checked over. It was reported that the front end was wrecked, and the passenger door was torn from the truck body.

The inside of the pickup was inspected, and the police reported that they found two empty bottles of vodka. A bag of what reportedly field-tested positive for cocaine was also allegedly in the vehicle.

The authorities went to the hospital to talk to Oliva about the circumstances of the crash.

The man was purported to be in stable condition, and the police told Oliva that they believed he was driving under the influence when the accident occurred.

Oliva reportedly willingly allowed the authorities to access his medical records. They reported that his BAC was recorded as .138.

When he was released from the hospital, Oliva was transferred to the Pasco County Jail. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of third-degree felony cocaine possession, and misdemeanor DUI.  His total bond was set at $13,500, and he was released from custody the following morning.

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