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90-Year-Old Attacked Man that Wouldn’t Get Off Lawn

A reportedly feisty nonagenarian allegedly punched his neighbor when the man’s gardener wouldn’t get off his lawn.

90-year-old Thomas Conrad and his 89-year-old wife live in the luxurious RedTail Country Club Community in Sorrento, Florida.

On October 2, one of Conrad’s neighbors had a gardener doing maintenance on their property.

Conrad allegedly became bothered by the presence of the gardener. The man reportedly began to accuse the gardener of being on his property while tending to his neighbor’s lawn. Conrad allegedly yelled at the gardener and told him to get off his grass.

The neighbor overheard Conrad yelling at his gardener, and he told Conrad to stop.

According to reports, Conrad continued arguing with the gardener while his neighbor tried to break it up. The neighbor said Conrad threatened to punch him, and he reported that he told Conrad he would call the police if he did.

Conrad allegedly ignored his neighbor’s warning and punched the man in the face two times before returning to his residence.

The neighbor notified the authorities, and deputies with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office went to the location to investigate.

When an officer talked to the neighbor, the man asserted that he stayed calm when he asked Conrad to stop hollering at the gardener, but the man still hit him twice.

The police went to Conrad’s residence, and the man’s wife answered the door. She reported that Conrad was napping at the time. According to the affidavit, the officer noted that she said “he didnt want to get up and speak to us.”

When Conrad decided to talk to the authorities, he said that the neighbor invited him to punch him. Conrad said he merely complied. The man reportedly said he didn’t believe he was in the wrong since he was asked to do it.

After trying to tell Conrad that he had broken the law by hitting his neighbor, the man allegedly cursed at the officer and told him to get out of his home.

When the police were detaining him, Conrad allegedly resisted and struggled.

Conrad was booked for a battery charge, and he was later released on a $2000 bond.

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