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School Bus Driver Accused of DUI with Kids on Board

When police pulled over an Arizona school bus driver with high school students on board, they accused the man of driving under the influence.

52-year-old Bryan Diel drives a school bus for the Chandler Unified School District since June 2014.

On the afternoon of August 26, Diel was reportedly driving with nine high school students from Hamilton High School on the bus.

An officer with the Chandler Police Department reported that they noticed the bus did not stop at a red light at an intersection.

The police officer tried to perform a traffic stop, but it was reported that Diel continued driving and ignored the command.

When the bus came to a stop for the next red light, an officer ran up to the window and reportedly told Diel to pull over. When the traffic signal changed, Diel allegedly drove away.

Another officer got involved after Diel reportedly failed to stop the second time. The officer drove ahead and used his vehicle to block the bus from moving.

Passersby recorded the interaction between Diel and the officers. The footage included Diel performing roadside sobriety tests.

Diel was taken into custody, and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The students were brought to their destinations through other means, and no injuries were reported.

According to the authorities, official charges have not been filed. They are waiting for the results of the toxicology reports, which could take several months.

The school district placed Diel on administrative leave as a result of the allegations. A different driver was assigned to his route while the investigation takes place.

Diel’s wife reported that when her husband was given medical tests at the hospital, a neurologist located a brain tumor that they believe caused the man to have seizures. The tumor is purported to be the reason Diel had trouble while driving the bus.

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