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Scorned Woman Set Fire to Ex-Boyfriend’s House

A woman has been accused of starting a fire inside her ex-boyfriend’s home in an alleged emotional response to learning that he was having an affair with another woman.

47-year-old Tyetha Moore and her boyfriend resided together in a Pensacola, Florida, home until approximately a week ago when the woman reportedly parted ways with her man and moved out.

Early in the morning on November 7, Moore reportedly started speaking with some of her former neighbors and requested that they let her borrow some gasoline.

The four neighbors who said they made contact with Moore stated that they provided her with a water bottle that was holding gasoline, and then watched as she made her way back to her former residence.

The woman reportedly climbed over the fence surrounding the property’s back yard and fiddled with one of the window screens in the back of the home.

Around 9:00 am, the authorities learned of a possible fire that had broken out. When they arrived at the scene they reportedly discovered Moore standing in the driveway while the house she was standing in front of was ablaze.

Investigators believed they traced the starting point of the fire to a couch that was placed near the window in the back of the house, and when they spoke with the neighbors their testimony about witnessing the woman on that area of the property was taken into consideration.

The neighbors additionally said that they watched Moore throw the water bottle of gasoline into the trash before she walked away, but none of them reportedly said anything regarding them seeing her start a fire.

When the authorities talked to Moore, she reportedly explained that she used to reside in the home until she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, which caused her to move out.

It was believed that there was enough probable cause to hold Moore responsible for the fire, and she was placed under arrest. She was booked into the Escambia County Jail for suspicion of first-degree arson, and her bond was set at $25,000.

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