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Serial Peeping Tom Arrested in Savannah 

A Georgia man was jailed on many charges after a female neighbor reportedly caught him on video on more than one occasion while he allegedly peeped through a window at her residence. 

It was reported that on March 27, a woman who lives just outside of Savannah, Georgia, was looking at her home surveillance video when she noticed footage of a man peering through one of her windows. The timestamp on the video showed that the alleged peeper was there at approximately 11:00 PM the previous night. 

Later Monday evening, the woman’s home alarm system was set off. She checked the security camera video and said it captured footage of the same man looking through her window again. When the alarm started to sound, the suspect reportedly ran away from the home. 

According to reports, when she searched through the videos from previous evenings, the woman reportedly found footage that suggested the suspect had also looked through her window on March 18. 

The woman shared the details and videos of the situation with her neighbors, and they believed the man was someone they recognized that resides on the same street. 

On March 28, the authorities were notified, and officers with the Chatham County Police Department talked to the woman about her claims. The surveillance videos were reviewed, and the police believed it was the same man in the footage on all three occasions. 

According to a report from the Chatham County Police Department, the suspect was found and detained without incident. 

The alleged ogler was booked into the Chatham County Detention Center. He is facing preliminary charges of three counts of felony peeping Tom, three counts of misdemeanor criminal trespass, and one misdemeanor count of stalking. 

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