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Several Women Robbed and Sexually Assaulted at Bus Stops 

A man in Florida was arrested for many charges after being accused of sexually assaulting women at gunpoint while they were standing at bus stops. 

Early in the morning on New Year’s Day, a woman was waiting at a bus stop in Orlando when she was reportedly approached by a stranger wearing a mask. She was allegedly assaulted by the man. 

At approximately 6:00 AM on February 2, a woman at a different Orlando bus stop reported that a man she did not know walked up to her with a firearm. He allegedly told her to give him her money before he sexually assaulted her. 

Around half an hour later, a man in a mask with a gun allegedly went up to a woman at a bus stop near the site of the previous assault. The alleged victim said she was robbed before the man sexually assaulted her. 

Shortly after, at a bus stop in the same area, another woman was sexually assaulted and robbed. 

The authorities investigated the claims, and they used cell phone records and surveillance video to place the perpetrator at the crime scenes. They also believed they identified the vehicle the man was driving. 

On March 16, the suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Orange County Jail where he is being held without bond. He is currently expected to face three counts of kidnapping, one count of kidnapping with intent to commit a felony, three counts of robbery with a firearm, three counts of attempted sexual battery with a deadly weapon using force, one count of sexual battery with a firearm, and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. According to reports, he admitted to the crimes. 

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