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Sex on Observation Wheel Provided Public Show

A couple who was reportedly drunk during a local event allegedly fornicated in view of the other guests while they were inside one of the cars on the observation wheel.

Last week, the beginning of the season for the Cincinnati Reds was celebrated in the recreational spot that the SkyStar Observation Wheel is located.

The wheel, which stands 150 feet when a car reaches the top and has enclosed gondolas, was allegedly chosen by 30-year-old Michael Mathisen and his 31-year-old girlfriend Lauren Wilder as a place to partake in physical affection.

One of the SkyStar managers reported that the gondola that held the couple was in view of the public, especially those that were also in cars on the wheel, but they were caught in the act by employees who quickly stopped the ride. He further disclosed his opinion that the two had simply become caught up in the jovial atmosphere of the event.

Mathisen and Wilder, who reportedly had too much to drink during the afternoon of the event, were said to have continued until an off-duty officer hired for security approached and interrupted their allegedly carnal carnival acts.

It was recorded by the officer that the pair “engaged in sexual intercourse in the open in front of children and adults,” and they were taken into custody.

Both Mathisen and Wilder were each charged with one count of disorderly conduct at the county jail, and Mathisen was jailed overnight. Wilder was released from custody on her own recognizance late that evening.

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